Terms and Conditions

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Calmacy, which includes its directors, officers, representatives, affiliates, agents, contractors and subcontractors, is an online drug store committed to making sure that I, the undersigned, is able to get medication, products and services from licensed drug manufacturers. This agreement governs all the sales of products that are facilitated by Calmacy between me and Calmacy. I accept and agree as follows:

  1. The terms may be changed at any time.
  2. I am over the age of the majority, am fully competent to make my own decisions and have obtained my prescription in a lawful manner. 
  3. I will be responsible for the use of this website and for all orders. I agree to keep my login details safe so as to prevent other people from access my account in my absence. 
  4. Calmacy has taken great care in the preparation of the content on this website. To the fullest extent permitted by the law, Calmacy disclaims all forms of warranties with respect to the content on this website. 
  5. Links on the website pointing to other websites are provided for my interest only and Calmacy has no control over the third party websites and hence is not responsible or liable for their content. The links do not imply any endorsement of the content by Calmacy. 
  6. The content on this website is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. The content is meant to support and not replace my relationship with a healthcare provider. 
  7. I understand that it is up to me to ensure that my physician conducts regular physical examinations which include suggested testing to make sure that I don’t have any medical problems which include contradictions to me taking certain products. I certify that I have had physical examination by my own physician within the past 2 months from the date hereof. 
  8. I agree that if I experience any adverse side effects from the medication, I will contact my own physician immediately and in the event that I will be under the care of a new physician, I will give him/her a list of the medications that I have been using. I also acknowledge that Calmacy recommends that I get regular physician examinations from a doctor whose care I am under. 
  9. I understand that it will be a violation of the law if I falsify any of the information I provide to Calmacy, including but not limited to information provided in the Calmacy Order Form. I agree to answer the questions on the order form truthfully and understand that I will be responsible for any side effects that may result from the use of the medications I purchase from Calmacy. 
  10. I understand that Calmacy will only verify and supply me with the medications that my own physician has prescribed. I also understand that Calmacy will not provide any controlled medications, tranquilizers, narcotics or any other medication that the drug store deems inappropriate. 
  11. No charge will be charged to me if an independent medical review will be needed to get a valid prescription for the medical products. 
  12. The products at Calmacy are dispensed by the pharmacy in accordance with the laws in which the pharmacy is located. Typically, the agent is a delivery service in which they deliver the medication I order online to my doorstep. 
  13. All agreements reached or contracts formed as well as transactions undertaken with or involving Calmacy will be deemed to be made in the jurisdiction of this pharmacy and will be governed by the laws of the pharmacy’s jurisdiction. The courts of the jurisdiction will have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over disputes that might arise between me and Calmacy. 
  14. Calmacy may contact me through telephone or email to discuss my orders or pending refill order for products. 
  15. All the offers on this website are subject to availability and whilst stocks last. 
  16. Not all the products or services on Calmacy’ website are accessible in all jurisdictions. 
  17. You may be charged a foreign transaction fee by your credit card company at their own discretion. Foreign transaction fees will be charged by the customers’ card issuers and not by Calmacy. These charges may range from 1 to 3 percent. 
  18. I acknowledge that the terms & conditions on this Agreement will be readily available to me 24-hours on the Calmacy website. I further acknowledge having every opportunity to get independent legal advice with respect to the terms contained in this agreement. 

I have read and understood the forgoing terms and I do agree that they will be binding upon me and my heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives.


 I am the parent/legal guardian/ power of attorney for the customer disclosed herein. I am over the age of the majority and have the full authority to sign for as well as provide the above representations to Calmacy on the behalf of the customer.