Jelly Trial Pack

Sildenafil Jelly 100mg + Tadalafil Jelly 20mg + Vardenafil Jelly 20mg

Jelly Trial Pack - 140 mg
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Generic NameSildenafil Jelly + Tadalafil Jelly + Vardenafil Jelly
Popular Brand: Jelly Trial Pack
Manufacturer: Various
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Valid For: 12 Months


Jelly Trial Pack contains equal sachets of sildenafil jelly + Tadalafil helly + Verdenafil jelly. The Jelly Trial Pack is prescribed for the treatment of male impotence.


How to Use
Consult your doctor before you start using this medication. You must use the medication precisely as prescribed.


FDA Pregnancy Classification
Jelly Trial Pack is not indicated for use in women and children.


Store at room temperature and far from direct heat and moisture. 

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