Generic drugs are the same as brand name drugs

For the generic drugs to be approved, the FDA requires that they be of the same quality and performance as the branded drugs. For the drug to be approved, it has to satisfy strict FDA standards with respect to its identity, strength, purity, quality and potency. Although variability may be seen when drugs are mass-produced, FDA limits the variability it accepts. 

One fact one must remember is that the generic drugs are as potent as the branded ones. This is because they are required to have the same active ingredients, dosage form, strength and route of administration as the branded drugs. However, the inactive ingredients do not necessary need to be the same as those in the branded drug. FDA will not approve a generic drug that is more than 45% different from the brand name product. 

Generic drugs work as effectively as the branded drugs
A recent study conducted to evaluate the results of 38 published clinical trials found that when compared, generic cardiovascular generic drugs worked as effectively as their brand name equivalents. There was no evidence that the brand name products worked better than their generic counterparts.  

Cheap doesn’t mean compromised quality
Generic drugs are cheaper not because they are of a lower quality but because the manufacturers don’t need to repeat the tedious and costly clinical trials. They also don’t need to spend a lot of money in advertising, promotion and marketing. What is more is that multiple companies producing similar generic drugs are approved hence an increase in the competition of their products. This leads to lower prices.

 FDA monitors generic drugs closely
In addition to being FDA approved, FDA closely monitors the adverse events reported for the generic drugs. The safety of these drugs is regularly evaluated.

 Simply put, generic drugs are as potent as the brand name drugs. You can rest assured knowing you are getting the best results from the drugs. This is more so because FDA is engaged actively to making the regulated products safer.